What is Run For Your Lives?

This is the race that gives you a real reason to train. Run, walk or crawl 2,5 km (children) or 5,5 – 6,5 km (adult) through a zombie apocalyptic world.

The goal is to avoid the zombies that are trying to take your 3 lives that are attached to ribbons in a belt around your waist. Forget the best time, in this race the smartest way and tactics counts the most . Perhaps sacrifice a friend for a moment’s respite.

Your unpleasant journey will take you through a variety of scenes taken directly from hollywood zombie themes. Square filled with tanks, quarantinezones and malls. All seasoned with zombies and special effects.

RFYL High Chaparral november:

The race suits everyone. Ages 7-12 run a nicer, less scary course, when it´s still daylight. They run by them selves or with a parent. The race is ca 2,5 km.

When it´s getting dark the older runners may start (ages 13+ is recomended). You will experience a High Chaparral filled with hordes of zombies and lots of specialeffects. It´s obstcle race too, so except from the zombies that are trying to take all your lives, you will be challanged with different obstacles during the course. The race is ca 5 km.

RFYL Örebro 26 oktober:

Orebro city is paralyzed by an unknown virus and quarantined. Undead raging in the streets and malls. Your only chance of survival is to take you from evacuationzone to the safe zone in central Orebro. A gauntlet of 6,5 km through a apocalypticworld, full of obstacles and dangers. A less scary children fun run starts 17:00 same race but shorter about 3 km thru the center of the city. Tickst sold at same place as adult tickets but 195 kr/person.

Welcome to the scariest race in the world!

Official Rules for Run For Your Lives

All participation is at your own risk. Batalj Event AB disclaims all liability for damages of the participant and his / her equipment. When you register, you can subscribe for “Folksam’s Ready” insurance that both gives you accident insurance and registration fee back if you’d hurt you before the race. Read more at: www.startklar.nu (in Swedish)

  • Any deliberate physical contact with zombies or other runners is prohibited.
  • The entire event is drug-free. Drunk or otherwise affected persons will not be allowed to participate.
  • Runners must follow rebuke from the event’s staff throughout the event.
  • Runners must follow and stay inside the line of the track without deviating.
  • Runners may choose between different paths. It is allowed to run back and choose a different route.
  • Your 3 lives is to be fasten around the waist and they should hang back clearly visible to all. It is not allowed to put them in the clothes or temporarily remove them.
  • You must correct the straps so that it follows the rule above, but not otherwise touch the bands (lives).
  • Runners are not allowed to strip from the ground or from other participants or otherwise acquire bands (life).
  • The runner should wear their runner participating number clearly on the chest throughout the race.
  • It is allowed to cooperate with other runners, for example, get past a cluster of zombies or clear an obstacle.
  • Minimum age is 13 years with parental participation and 15 years old with parental consent.

Participate as Runners

As a runner, you should try to get to the safe zone with at least one of your three lives left. If you succeed, it will get the prestigious “Survivor”-medal. Would you , you will get rid of all your three lives, you should still take you to the safe zone. But you’ll be happy with the “Infected”-medal.

Whether you survive or not everyone, runners, spectators and zombies welcome to attend the End of the World Party afterwards in Orebro city center at the castle park.